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The enrollment rates in the USA are higher due to its number of programs and quality universities

Study In USA

The United States of America provides high quality and innovative education systems. The USA has highly learning research opportunities over and above recruitment support and network-building opportunities. International students can apply for a four-year undergraduate course and later continue with a two-year master’s program. International students can directly apply for their masters by research and their doctorate program. Be it studying engineering, science courses, humanities courses, or even a doctoral thesis, the USA will provide you with the best education and career opportunities in the world.


Life In USA?

The USA is vastly different from any other country. The USA welcomes many of the international students every year especially from India. The USA is well-known for its studies and mostly goal-oriented candidates only visit the USA. The lifestyle of the USA is different from any other countries and you will surely enjoy the country after visiting it.

Apply Yourself

University Selection | Admission Counseling

  • Profile Evaluation, Major / Program Selection
  • Customized University Selection with Tuition Fees & Application Deadlines
  • Informative kits on Rankings, Past Admit/Rejects, Average GRE/GPA Admission
  • Requirements for 200 Universities by Major and Access to our Advisors
  • Top 50 Schools Admission Analysis & Essay (SOP) Requirements
  • VISA Guidance & Mock Interview

Premium Counseling

University Selection + Application Assistance (5U) + VISA Preparation + Admission Tracking Tracking Support (only for Premium Counseling)

  • Call / Email Universities: Checking University Status / Emails, Understanding Emails & making necessary suggestions. Follow-up / Re-Submitting documents
  • Provide Regular Update to students on Admission Status.

F1 Visa

Mock VISA Interviews

  • Financial Counseling & Training Classes on VISA
  • Filling DS 160 forms & SEVIS fee payment
  • Charted Accountant & Charted Engineering Report Guidance
  • Mock VISA Interview #2 (1 Group,1 Personal)

Note: Student has to pay VISA HDFC-VFS Fees, SEVIS Fee and CA / Financial Documentation Charges.


List of universities that we work with 

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