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Pre and post-arrival support

Studying overseas is your opportunity to gain the skills, outlook, and confidence you need to fulfil your potential. Applying to study overseas is a straightforward process and we will guide you through it step by step.

Pre and post-arrival support

At Global Alliance Academy, we provide complete assistance to apply for education loans in the bank and fulfilling all the requirements to avail of the loan at the cheapest interest rate and quick processing. We also assist with getting a Police clearance certificate that is mandatory for Visa application. For medical tests, we book an appointment on behalf of students so that they do not waste much time completing all the procedures. Obtaining a medical certificate is also mandatory for the Visa application process.


We also check and evaluate all the documents needed for educational qualification, skills, and all the other required credentials of students before applying for any course at the University. All the documents are checked thoroughly and drafted as per the standard guidelines to make the process convenient. At Sagar Consultants, we also provide pre-departure services as well as post-landing services.

Its always good to know someone at the other end of your journey

Preparing for your arrival in a new country can seem overwhelming. You may have lots of questions; what do I need to bring? How do I arrange my travel? What paperwork do I need to have? Our office in the UK will be able to provide you with the support you require. Your university will also be able to help.

Airport pick-up service

The service is available for a small fee, and you have to pre-book the service with us. This might be especially helpful for first-time travellers to the UK

Feel Free to ask anything

Hello, we are glad to have you on our site. If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact us. We believe no query is too small, and our experts are here to help in any way possible. You can reach us via email/ contact number or visit us at the given address.

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