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Loyola Academy, Hyderabad Hosts a Global Education Extravaganza: A Resounding Success!

Exciting Event Update from Loyola Academy, Hyderabad! 

Loyola Academy, Hyderabad recently played host to a spectacular Global Alliance Academy event, marking a milestone in the pursuit of academic excellence. With featured speakers including Mr. Sam Poulton, Head of International, and Ms. Rosemine, South Asia Head of Buckinghamshire New University, the event provided a platform for valuable insights into the realm of academia and global education. Guided by the esteemed Dr. L Joji Reddy SJ, Principal of Loyola Academy, the event aimed to foster collaboration, exchange of knowledge, and the building of educational bridges on an international scale.

Featured Speakers:  Mr. Sam Poulton – Head of International and Ms. Rosemine – South Asia Head of Buckinghamshire New University

Sam Poulton. Head of International. Recruitment
Sam Poulton. Head of International. Recruitment at Loyola Academy

Insights and Illumination: Guided by Dr. L Joji Reddy SJ, the event offered a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, highlighting the profound impact of international education on the future. Mr. Sam Poulton and Ms. Rosemine shared valuable perspectives, illuminating the transformative power of global education. The discussions revolved around creating a dynamic and forward-thinking educational landscape that prepares students for a globally connected world.

Interactive Sessions and Networking Opportunities: The event went beyond traditional lectures, incorporating interactive sessions, vibrant discussions, and networking opportunities. Participants engaged in meaningful dialogues, exchanging ideas and experiences, thus fostering a sense of collaboration. The platform served as a meeting point for educators, students, and professionals, creating an atmosphere conducive to knowledge exchange and networking.

Gratitude and Acknowledgments: Heartfelt thanks were extended to the distinguished speakers, Dr. L Joji Reddy SJ, and all the participants from Loyola Academy for their invaluable contributions to the success of the event. Their active involvement and enthusiasm played a pivotal role in making the Global Alliance Academy event a resounding success. 🙏👏

Building Educational Bridges: As the event concluded, the call to action resonated – to build educational bridges and nurture a global community of learners. Loyola Academy, through initiatives like this, strives to contribute to the development of a robust and interconnected global education system. Let’s continue the journey towards academic excellence and create a world where knowledge knows no boundaries!

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